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Accessibility Features of our Website

The following links are shortcuts to information about the accessibility features of this website.
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We have built various accessibility features into the Freeney Williams website to aid access for all users. We have tested our compliance with WCAG AAA standard using the Total Validator testing tools. We always welcome feedback on ways in which we could improve the accessibility of this site.
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Access Keys

We follow the recommended UK Government access keys standard and use the keys below:

S - Skip navigation
1 - Home page
3 - Site map
9 - Contact details page
0 - Accessibility help (this page)
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Colours and Layout

We do not use cookies to save your preference of colour and layout. If you want to keep the colour and layout that your prefer you will need to save this site to your favourites after you have made your colour and layout choice.

Click on any of the choices below to try the different colour and layout schemes

  1. Standard colours
  2. White and yellow text on a black background
  3. Basic formatting and layout - no style sheet formatting

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