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Company Profile

Freeney Williams Ltd was founded by Mike Freeney and Rick Williams.

Rick Williams CFCIPD

Photo - Rick Williams speaking

Rick has a strong and proven combination of skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and an Associate of the Business Disability Forum. Before setting up the company, Rick spent over 25 years in the Public Sector in both local and national Government. During this time he worked in a range of high profile posts in HR and senior management. Rick now specialises in the field of disability equality. He is a highly effective disability trainer and consultant, who has worked in many high profile organisations both in Europe and the UK.

Rick is blind and the combination of being a disabled person and experienced as an HR professional and senior manager, gives him a high level of expertise in organisational policies and attitudes towards disabled people and associated diversity policies and practice.

Freeney Williams enables organisations to successfully:

Everything we do is designed to help organisations answer three fundamental questions:

  1. “How do we make it easier for more people to work more effectively within our organisation?”
  2. “How do we make it easier for more people to access our goods or services more often?”
  3. “How can we enhance organisational reputation and business opportunities?”

Whilst our Head Office is based in Brighton, the company operates throughout the United Kingdom, with several consultants regularly working overseas.

We are used to recognising, understanding and meeting the needs of clients in a wide variety of settings with different commercial, economic or political constraints.

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