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What is the DEA e-Bulletin?

The DEA e-Bulletin is a free bi-monthly electronic newsletter delivered direct to your Inbox. It includes news and information about disability and diversity issues which affect all areas of an organisations’ work which involve people – either as customers or employees – in other words it is essential reading for all organisations!
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DEA e-Bulletin downloads

We have provided links to the 12 months of DEA e-Bulletins for you to download. They are in Microsoft Word 2003 format, PDF, or plain text.

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February 2017

DEA February 2017 - MS Word (113.5Kb) | DEA February 2017 - PDF (93.7Kb) | DEA February 2017 - Text File (17.1Kb)

  1. ‘A third of council homepages fail accessibility tests’
  2. Reactive, not proactive: Update on the lack of disabled toilets on UK trains
  3. Tesco in Forres introduces ‘relaxed’ lane
  4. English Premier League clubs could face a points deduction if they fail to improve disabled facilities
  5. Disabled staff can add drive to a motivated team
  6. Mencap helping those with learning disabilities to find work
  7. Digital Accessibility
    1. How to design websites for people with disabilities in 2017
    2. How Apple built accessibility features into the middle of the iPhone, iPad and Mac
    3. Accessibility Improvements in Windows 10
    4. Barclays in new accessibility video
  8. New report offers guidance to support disabled students
  9. Disabled access at gigs is 'getting better' for music fans
  10. Legal News
    1. Wheelchair spaces on buses must be a priority
    2. Discrimination arising from disability decision leading to £180,000 award upheld
    3. Three cases on justification
    4. A teacher with bipolar disorder has been awarded £347,000 after being ‘victimised and bullied’
    5. Leicester taxi driver fined for refusing to pick up blind couple with guide dog
  11. Mental Health
    1. ‘Living in hell’: mentally ill people in Indonesia chained and confined
    2. Mental health conditions ‘more prevalent in January’
    3. 44% of workers say Winter has a negative effect on their mental wellbeing
  12. OverseasNews
    1. Egypt: Ministry announces 3-year strategy for empowerment, integration of disabled persons
    2. How China Trumps Australia When It Comes To Supporting Disabled Workers
    3. New York Police Department faces federal lawsuit for discriminating against man with HIV
    4. City mobility apps trialled to fight Blue Badge fraud across Europe

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October 2016

DEA October 2016 - MS Word (80Kb) | DEA October 2016 - PDF (52Kb) | DEA October 2016 - Text File (10Kb)

  1. Disability disclosure remains low among jobseekers, survey suggests
  2. Third of UK workers believe disability is still a barrier to career progression
  3. Disability-inclusive development isn’t cheap, but exclusion has a higher price
  4. Getting Better: Local councils in the UK have ‘significantly improved’ their website accessibility for users with disabilities
  5. Research finds companies are still ‘fearful’ of hiring disabled people
  6. Prosecutions for hate crimes against disabled people surge by more than 40 per cent in a year
  7. People with disabilities treated like second-class citizens, says watchdog
  8. David Isaac: ‘Disabled people still face huge barriers’y
  9. Mental health
    1. Action to tackle mental health issues ‘is disappointing’
    2. One in three employees have experienced mental health issues, CIPD survey finds
    3. Cost of depression in the workplace across 8 countries is $256 billion, according to new study
    4. I'm lucky – my manager supports me with my depression
  10. Withdrawal of job offer because of absences in previous role arose from disability
  11. Overseas news
    1. Why is the Bolivian government turning water cannon on disabled protesters?
    2. Disability rights around the world: from 1944 to the present day
    3. Mexico City from a wheelchair: 'There's no second chance on these streets'
    4. South Asian communities need to root out disability stigmas

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June 2016

DEA June 2016 - MS Word 2003 (78.5kb) | DEA June 2016 - PDF (54.9Kb) | DEA June 2016 - Text File (11.7Kb)

  1. ‘Enforcement is key on Equality Act'
  2. Almost two-thirds of people with mental health issues did not admit problem to employer
  3. Is chronic fatigue syndrome finally being taken seriously?
  4. Employers urged to 'take the lead' over mental health issues at work
  5. How businesses can support employees with dyslexia
  6. Why being a disability friendly employer is good business
  7. Joint reports suggest peer support could boost disabled people’s employment prospects
  8. Disability Confident attracts just 40 mainstream private sector partners… in three years
  9. Digital Accessibility:
    1. BDF news coverage: Seventy per cent of websites are breaking the law on accessibility - Here's how and why that needs to change
    2. Will apps become the next disability lawsuit target?
    3. EU Approves Public Sector Digital Accessibility Rules
    4. The web accessibility basics
  10. Legal News:
    1. Disability: No Imputed Knowledge
    2. Discrimination to go – Starbucks and the training trap
    3. Employer withdrew job offer due to sickness absence
    4. Vodafone reacts to disability discrimination case loss
    5. They thought it was all over, but no one is above the law
  11. Overseas news:
    1. 'Living in hell': mentally ill people in Indonesia chained and confined
    2. Toxic talk - Trying to lip read in China

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March 1016

DEA March 2016 - MS Word 2003 (60Kb) | DEA March 2016 - PDF (43Kb) | DEA March 2016 - Text File (8Kb)

  1. Disabled people ‘are being left behind’ in the hunt for jobs, claims thinktank
  2. Deaf charities welcome Ofcom research into BT's text relay service
  3. What if the computer says no because you are a disabled consumer?
  4. Legal news:
    1. Discrimination and Time Limits
    2. Starbucks employee wins dyslexia discrimination case
    3. Disability Discrimination: Meaning of 'Day to Day' Activities
  5. E-access bulletin re-launched
  6. Include or lose: Design for the whole market
  7. Overseas news:
    1. Europe: Eleven major companies agree to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities
    2. USA: Scientists were surprised at how much hiring managers discriminate against workers with disabilities
    3. Worldwide web accessibility - cases from the USA
    4. Australia: Reaction to jobseekers' mental illness more likely to be negative, says study

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December 2015

DEA December 2015 - MS Word (71Kb) | DEA December 2015 - PDF (555Kb) | DEA December 2015 - Text File (13Kb)

  1. Companies fear employing people with learning disabilities
  2. New professional development network hub for disabled employees
  3. Disabled people less likely to have internet access
  4. Rethink Mental Illness releases moving short film for Schizophrenia Awareness Week
  5. Legal news:
    1. Disabled or not?
    2. Discrimination and time limitse
  6. 70% of deaf people with hearing dogs have been refused access on the UK high street
  7. Amazon commits to adding captions to over 190,000 movies and TV shows
  8. Disability-smart Award winners announced by Business Disability Forum
  9. Fire fighter’s website wins RNIB approval
  10. Two thirds of disabled people feel they are treated differently, figures reveal
  11. Parliament can be proud of it’s record on mental health
  12. How to find work if you are disabled
  13. Relaxed performances – “Disabled access is not a work of charity”
  14. overseas news:
    1. What’s life like in Rio de Janeiro with a disability?
    2. Mental health culture of silence requires urgent action
    3. Canada: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health survey shows over half of workers with depression do not recognize need for treatment
    4. USA: Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) releases disability self-id public service video
    5. Mental illness hurts Australia's productivity and services need to be overhauled, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says
    6. Australia: The abuse of people with disability is a national shame that we're ignoring
    7. Netflix and film studios face lawsuit over song captioning for deaf

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