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Audit Questions

Audit yourself and check your organisation's performance in key areas of disability:


Have senior management made and implemented a clear and credible written statement of commitment to valuing disabled people as applicants, employees and customers?

Are managers and employees assessed in their performance in managing disability?

Do the procurement procedures promote disability equality?


Can managers explain why disability is good for business?

Can all managers identify the impact of disability issues within their areas of responsibility?


Can managers describe how they would meet their obligations relating to the disability aspects of ther Equality Act 2010?

Can managers describe why taking a 'best practice' approach to managing disability is more effective than simply trying to comply with the Disability related legislation?


Have the premises been audited and adapted to ensure their accessibility?

Does every refurbishment make the premises even more accessible?

Are the intranet and Internet processes usable and accessible to disabled users?

Is information readily provided in alternative formats?


Are managers and staff trained to welcome disabled customers and work with disabled employees?

Do employees know who to call for help on everything to do with disability?

We Can Help

We can help you answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions! Contact us to find out how!

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