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What our clients say about us

The following links are shortcuts to comments made about us by just a few of our clients.
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[Business Disability Forum | National Trust | Jobcentre Plus | House of Commons | Royal Mail | Home Office | British Energy | East Leicester Primary Care Trust | Royal Borough of Tunbridge Wells | Camping and Caravanning | Showcase Cinemas]

Business Disability Forum

“The training they provide is very effective in raising awareness of disability. Many people expect this to be a relatively dry subject, but their delivery is extremely engaging and entertaining. Attendees leave the sessions with a personal insight into what disability means to them, and thinking in a new way about how they relate to disabled colleagues and customers”
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National Trust

“Freeney Williams is a friendly and approachable company who will work with you to find the solutions you need, rather than imposing what they think without negotiation. They are open to debate, prepared to take on any question training delegates or project team members want to ask, and deliver a quality product with good humour.”
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Jobcentre Plus

“In my 25 years as a Civil Servant I have never been on such a challenging and attitude changing event.  I will never think about disability in the same way again!”
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House of Commons

“Can I just mention how I enjoyed the course yesterday which provided a really good learning experience. Rick was very knowledgeable and brought expertise, personal experience and a dose of reality to the training.”
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Royal Mail

“Very good trainer, excellent sense of humour and good delivery of subject matter.”
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Home Office

“Had fun and the presenter is very articulate. The best speaker there is. Very understandable.”
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British Energy

“Very interesting – I learned a lot and it was all presented in a user friendly format which kept attention throughout. I would recommend this course for all members of staff.”
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East Leicester Primary Care Trust

“Excellent presentation and use of personal histories to illustrate points. I wasn’t looking forward to today but it was totally absorbing. Thank you.”
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Royal Borough of Tunbridge Wells

“Informative, very well presented, one of the best courses attended.”
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Camping and Caravanning Club

“An interesting and humorous presentation of what could have been a very dry and boring subject. Thank you.”
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Showcase Cinemas

“Absolutely fantastic presentation”
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