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The Click-Away Pound Report

One of the areas in which we are increasingly involved is in supporting business in ensuring the accessibility and usability of their websites and apps. We've been auditing sites for 12 years now and have found that generally speaking the overall situation for disabled people remains unchanged. Each year over 70% of the sites we've audited have been assessed as 'red' on our traffic light system. In other words there are potential significant issues around brand and PR damage, commercial loss and legal risk.

It is puzzling to establish why things haven't changed over the years given the business issues. Consequently we undertook research to see if we could put some hard edged numbers around the business issues to see if that made any difference to the way many organisations see this issue. Taking our inspiration from the Walk-Away Pound we developed the Click-Away Pound survey and the findings surprised us and no doubt will surprise others as well!

On 1 December 2016 the Click-Away Pound report was launched at an event hosted by RBS and which was attended by Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Disabled People. Below is the press release which supported the launch and gives some of the details of the research's findings. .

To download a copy of the Report go to

The 2016 Survey has established a benchmark but the significance of the Survey lies as much in its future development as in its present findings. We believe this approach presents opportunities:

We would like to start work on the next Survey and build on what we've achieved here. However to do that we need partners to help us. If you are interested in supporting our work in this field just get in touch via the Click-Away Pound website.

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